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logo design,  branding and social media campaigns for scrubs with style retail store

Scrubs with Style customers, who are between 22-50 had a keen sense of style. The logo and branding were thoughtfully crafted to specifically appeal to this audience.

The Honor Nurses/We Love Nurses Campaign was my favorite. Reading about the experiences of nurses, especially during covid, was humbling.

I had the pleasure of working with Scrubs with Style, a truly enjoyable account. My client, who was absolutely wonderful, granted me the creative freedom to design a playful and versatile graphic that could be utilized across various platforms, including creating a new website to store signage, social media campaigns to gift certificates. It was an exciting challenge to keep up with the constant influx of new scrub fashions, each boasting vibrant colors and trendy styles.

Working with the Scrubs with Style owner, we created the “Honor Nurses” social media campaign. Each February, our SWS customers would have the opportunity to submit nominations for exceptional nurses who go above and beyond. As a token of our gratitude, the selected nurse was rewarded with a wide range of benefits, including brand-new scrubs, footwear, medical devices, and generous gift certificates, among other surprises. It was an honor and humbling to share the stories of all of the nurses that were nominated, particularly through the covid years.


We created many social media contests offering free scrubs vendor swag.

I designed the Scrubs with Style logo to be flexible enough to appear on everything from Pop-Up Store signs to Scrubs Club punch cards.

We were honored when local nursing students offered to be photographed for our Instagram and Facebook promotions.